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Causes and How to Overcome Natural Fish Eye

This time we will discuss the causes of and ways to overcome eyelets. Have you ever had a fish eye? No matter you've ever experienced or not, is important if it can pay attention to review in this article. Fish eyes or in the medical world Clavus call it a viral disease caused by the Human Papillomavirus (HPV). The disease is usually often grow on the surface of the skin of the legs, ankles, fingers or toes, foot or hand and the other on the skin of the body. The symptoms of eye disease kakai itself initially characterized by thickening and hardening of the surface of the skin .. for maslaah this one is not really dangerous, but only just be very annoying and sometimes will feel pain and pain if not treated quickly.

Eyes Causes Leg
The cause of the ankle itself is caused by the human papillomavirus virus (HPV). For this type of virus has two types of VPS-1 and VPS-2. For VPS-1 will usually attack the legs while VPS-2 will attack the skin surface apda hand. Another cause of a fish eye itself is the friction that occurs continuously in certain areas of the skin. If you are already experiencing severe thickening should to be overcome. This is done to prevent infection is characterized by the occurrence of decay.

Fish eye disease can also occur in people with diabetes induced vascular neurological disorders. In people with diabetes, the risk of complications from eye disease fish were higher than those without diabetes. If you want to eliminate fish eyes, and you are a diabetic, it is advisable to first consult your doctor before you take an action against the fish eye. Because even if it's a fish-eye only a minor injury, but could turn into ulcers which are very difficult to cure. Now that's an explanation of the cause of fish eyes what you can say. Stayed turn following explanation on how to resolve the fish eye naturally.

Here's How to Overcome Natural Fish Eye Can Do

Using Gum Papaya
Plant this one apart is the papaya fruit which has been known for a powerful and very beneficial for health turns the sap was also very helpful. Papaya latex has tremendous benefits, especially to address ophthalmological diseases of fish. The way is quite easily is enough to cleanse your ankles prior to use warm water that has been mixed with salt water. After that, soak your feet into warm water for 15 minutes. Then papaya latex drops right in the eye of the fish you naturally allow it to dry, then wash again. Do it every day routine 3 times to get maximum results.

sap Cambodia
In addition to using papaya latex, it turns out there are other types of plant sap can be used to cope with eyelets that sap Cambodia. It has been since before the sap of this plant can be useful to cure the fish eye. The way similar to how the first. And to get the maximum results do regularly every day.

Many explanations about the cause and how to resolve the fish eye is naturally that you can do. So and hopefully useful!
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